Things to consider for the successful keeping of Discus fish


Before venturing into the world of Discus, you should have some previous experience in the keeping of fish. Discus are relatively hardy. They will thrive if you adhere to a few basic conditions.
They require tanks with at least 250 litres capacity and minimum dimensions of 120x50x50cm. Each full-grown Discus requires at least 50 - 75 litres of water.

Because Discus prefer to be in groups, there should be at least 3 of them. If the tank is large enough, 4-6 Discus is a good start. The more fish in the aquarium, the more appropriate it is for their nature. In an aquarium that is already set up, the fish should be 8 - 10 cm. in body size.

Water filters:

Discus do well with almost any type of tap water. However, when breeding, there are special water requirements. The hardness of the water should be no more than 17 DH and the pH-value should be around 7.

Because the Discus are so large, they produce a large amount of excrement. A very good filtration system is therefore required. Each owner swears by his or her own system, but a slow running system is best, with at least three chambers, each of which is filled with different filter materials. If the aquarium is a new system, the filters, heating and lighting must be in operation for at least 3 weeks (better still, longer) before the Discus are put in.

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